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Corbo "if u only knew..." Music Video directed by Paul Plastic

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Futures and pasts collide inside an East Los Angeles Mexican restaurant, as an ancient goddess of divine wisdom beckons us from the television in the corner. A hazy frantic beat fractures further and further into madness. As we're suspended between what was and what will be… ripped asunder between infinite darkness and pure harmony, Corbo lulls us into a confused nostalgic haze with samples from some long defunct pyramid scheme.


Premiered today by Felt Zine:

Corbo’s tape Love & Productivity is out next Tuesday 9/11 on Chewing Foil.

Corbo and label mate Baja Ajax celebrate their tape releases at Chewing Foil Gallery on 9/8, playing with Limousine and Eyeliner. More info

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