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L.A. Record premieres Corbo "lost 4 words" Music Video by Paul Plastic

Previous L.A. RECORD featuree/producer/multitalent corbo is back—back from an alternate future that never quite happened, really, and he’s got a song-slash-artifact to prove it. “lost 4 words” (from his recent Love & Productivity album) is a chopped-and-vaporized pop track where you can practically hear the pixels collide—and if that’s not enough, you can submerge yourself in this pixeldelicized video by Paul Plastic, which is a shot of VGA adrenalin direct to the optic nerve. Best experienced in total darkness while floating in nonphysical space, if possible. This video is part of L.A. label Chewing Foil‘s new After Hours VHS release—deliriously appropriate format, by the way—and it’ll be showcased as part of a virtual release show on Thurs., Sept. 27, which you can plug into at

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