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LA Record premieres Corbo " Kim J" (ft. Callie Ryan) Video by Paul Plastic

L.A.’s digital psychonaut Corbo put out his Quatro Treses album this summer via like-minded pixelpushers Chewing Foil, and now thanks to this all-consuming video by the enigmatic Paul Plastic, you can almost physically transport yourself into the song. “Kim J” is a subtle and unpredictable track, drifting in the negative space between the verses and vocalizations of noted local Callie Ryan, who adds a special kind of human presence. Plastic’s video follows a CGI/VR protagonist on a journey through a digital desert toward the land of fractalizing 4s and 13s—the least unexpected feature in a world of unexpected features—and culminates in the kind of chaos-in-color explosion that indicates somebody just went up a level. Says Corbo:

“I constructed the beat with a Juno 106 and a circuit bent TR-606 lent from my friend Sudan. Then mega homie / vessel collector Callie Ryan threw down some powerful / vulnerable vocals. The track makes me think of a depressed alcoholic clown standing in the middle of a desert road at dawn- Staring pensively into the rising dawn with an empty bottle of liquor and a mind full of regrets.”

As vivid as it is accurate—that’s Corbo’s characteristic capability for clarity at work. Get Quatro Treses here once you’ve come back to the real—such as it is—world, and look for a set of particularly interesting shows coming up this month. Details below:

Oct 12 – Chewing Foil – Fault Radio

Oct 18 – Catch One – 100% Electronicon (Chewing Foil Audio/Visual Installation)

Oct 18 – The Smell – Tape Swap and Chill

Oct 28 – Continental Room – Virtual Memory

LA Record

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