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Noisey premieres JJUUJJUU "Zionic Mud" Video by Paul Plastic

Imagine if Michael Scott took some acid

Don't you hate it when you're at your psychedelic office, just minding your own business at the water cooler, and your computers start sucking everyone through the screens and regurgitating them through the floors, and then the copier disassembles itself, and then everything shatters and implodes into the mouth of an omnipotent purple being? Yeah, us too.

That's more or less the vibe of the video for "Zionic Mud," the title track of the new album from LA psych rock heroes and Desert Daze founders JJUUJJUU. The band has made a speciality of blowing up everything you think psych rock is supposed to sound like, and the swerving, textured sounds of "Zionic Mud" could easily make for the macrodosed inverse of conference call hold music. It makes sense, then, that JJUUJJUU would team up with Paul Plastic of LA art collective Chewing Foil to create an extremely far-out CG office world as its visual...

- Andrea Domanick, Noisey

Watch: JJUUJJUU "Zionic Mud" by Paul Plastic

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